Welcome to my world…

Ciao Bella! Glad you have dropped by my humble online abode. Have we met? If so, what’s up? If not, please allow me to introduce myself… I have many passions: faith (not religion, rather a relationship with God), justice, dance, dogs, swinging on swings, music, literature, poetry, philosophy, fashion, archery, tennis, art, animation, comics, health, fitness, sports and martial arts; just to name a few 😉. Sometimes I write, sometimes I dance; but I’m always messing with my hair! 😉

I’ve been known to wax poetic or philosophical at times and even take on all manner of injustice. Life has dragged me through the mud and then thrust me heavenward too many times to count now. Experience and willingness to humbly co-create with God has imparted wisdom along the way and taught me a deeper and higher understanding of love; and still I have much to learn and practice in life!

Sometimes I’ll write a post, sometimes I’ll vlog or just share something I find remarkable and offer comments. I love a good story, whether real or imagined doesn’t matter… this is meant to be cathartic for me, a type of online therapy session and all are invited, if you dare…or even care!