feeling that spring fever thing…

spring 2017
Spring Fever

Its in the air. It invades my senses. It assaults my complacency, as it lifts my imaginings into some other higher sphere.  Its Spring Fever and it fills me to overflowing! 🦋

I really love the youthful exuberance of this season; everything feels new and the possibility of newness excites me. Intoxicating in a good way, you know? 😜

So it got me to thinking; I’d love to experience  synesthesia in some form or another at sometime in my life. I think it would be so cool to smell a symphony  or listen to the color purple or  glance at the aroma of fresh cut spring flowers ! This biological phenomena in which the senses get crossed fascinates me. I wonder if perhaps we could figure out a way to control our wirings and cross our senses at will! But that’s just how weird sci-fi writers think 💭 …plus, dat kush! 😉

I’ll leave you with the lyrics to my favorite Cat Stevens song, The Wind 💨 I don’t know why, just somehow felt right 😜 IMG_6158

– CK, love ❤️ til it hurts!

…strange similarities in self portraits

While conducting research into the life of artist Vincent Van Gogh I surprisingly uncovered some eerie similarities between myself and the tortured genius. I’ll list them:

– we are both Dutch (although I am only partly Dutch)
– we are both fascinated by and in love with Japanese art, culture & people
– we both love God and are burdened by social justice; especially justice for the poor
– we both have lived in poverty
– both highly emotional & intense
– never able to excel at or keep “regular jobs”
– only fulfilled by working at our art
– both described by others as being selfless, compassionate and idealistic
– favorite color – yellow
– hold a strong belief that the Bible should be taken literally and that most ordinary church practices are in error and contrary to the teachings of Jesus
– both determined to give happiness by creating beauty
– live sacrificially for God and others
– and very much like Van Gogh’s “post-impressionistic” works, my writing is not based on painting an accurate depiction of life for my readers, but rather my writing takes a much more philosophical and introspective approach…painting a storyline from my own perspective of how I view the world.

I sincerely hope the likenesses end there for this artistic genius was also emotionally disturbed and tormented for much of his adult life which ended in suicide.

It has been said that there cannot be great art without great suffering – I can attest to that…the greatest of all of course is Christ!

Van Gogh’s love and passion are best demonstrated in his art but also in the over 700 letters that he wrote to his beloved brother Theo. You can read them online, I highly recommend.


The Inexhaustible Power of Humility!

01af27f156cd1948d2e6850f4d3d9ec860258c3d0eWell, that may seem like an oxymoron! How can humility be powerful? 

What is power? Is power in position? Is it in wealth? Is it in status? The ocean is powerful and I am humbled in its presence. This Bo (my stick) is powerful in the hands of a skilled martial artist; but even more powerful in the hands of such a skilled martial artist that just the mere appearance of them makes others back away in fear (like Bruce Lee par example). So, without even having to strike, its power is manifest out of humbly not exerting it!

Perhaps the answer can be found in a powerfully humble quote: (one of my favorites) “I believe that unarmed truth & unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant!” – MLK

Martin Luther King, Jr. was not only a man who believed in the power of humility but actively demonstrated it over and over again in his very powerful ministry and message to the world. Probably because he also believed (as do I) that the greatest example of power in humility was and still is Jesus. He said, “Blessed are the humble, for they will inherit the earth!” (Matthew 5:5) The most powerful example of all time was that God humbled Himself in the person of Jesus Christ to demonstrate to this whole world that taking a lower position actually can make you greater and more powerful. He even told his disciples when they were arguing over who was greater that if you wanted to be first in God’s economy you had to put yourself last; a servant of all is the greatest of all!

Why am I talking about the power of humility anyway? Because I believe it (humility) is our greatest need and one of the hardest arts to hone in our lives. We want to be proud, but pride is weakness. Pride steals from us, fools us, lessens us. It offers a false sense of superiority and power when really you know inside that you are not superior and your power is finite.

So what’s my point? We are responsible creatures, another oxymoron. So clothe yourself in humility if you wish to shine brightly to a world hiding in the darkness and straining to see the truth.

Love ’til it hurts – CK



Into 2016… thoughts & prayers

My heart is grieved at yet another senseless, tragic and horrific shooting! And not just a shooting, but a mass shooting, a horrific hate crime and to top it off, a sadistic act of terror! I had just decided to start blogging again after a few years and then this! And so close to home; my daughter was even at that Orlando club with some friends before!

Bono has a lyric; its so simple yet so powerful and if we could just internalize it for real… “transformational”! “There is no Them; there is only US!” It really is that simple yet that profound!

Ok, so I’m gonna get all philosophical now, so if you don’t like that then just stop reading right now!

Really! I mean it! 🤓

Jesus commanded us to love others as we love ourselves – the hardest commandment of all – but what if we could just see everyone else as ourselves and respect them that way; but I suppose that is too much to ask of this generation. So we are left with PRAYER! But prayer is so powerful, it is hardly something to just be left with. We can also lead by example. Love is so hard though, isn’t it? To truly love others REQUIRES much from our lives and is such an imposition – this is what  people think inside but never say. As humans we are responsible for our words, our actions and even our thoughts. What we do here on this Earth matters and has consequences – good or bad. But above all, we NEED to LOVE – if we don’t and don’t make some serious changes in our hearts and actions, then we (this generation) will have done our own end. But God, in His Infinate Mercy and Grace, has made every provision so that we would have no excuse except to just outright reject Him. God teaches us the meaning of TRUE LOVE and gives us the POWER to live it out. Love is the fulfillment of the law and it really IS what the world needs now… Perhaps more than ever. 💙💚💛💜❤️

I’ll conclude with a few crucial words to live by: humility, compassion, patience, kindness, thankfulness, forgiveness, and grace… in all things and with all people. Keep these always as your attitude and you can’t go wrong! Never esteem yourself above anyone else (no matter who that might be) and practice the art of a quiet and content spirit!

Ok, that’s my peace for now… later – CK! 🏹

2012 and beyond…

A new year…a fresh start…a renewed optimism…a humble perspective…a neoteric online journal.

…through my eyes. will be a chronicling of my thoughts, musings, interests, and random “stuff” that I would like to share with the virtual world. If you are interested than, “Welcome to my world!” I welcome your replies as well. If not, than continue your browsing or searching and I wish you the best.

This year I will continue my short story writing and work on my second novel, a sequel to Ju’stice. I will also start painting again…mostly acrylics on various medium as the relentless artistic impulses flow through and course their way out of my being. Who knows I may even burst out into poetic verse from time to time.

My focus this year is on God and my family. We have our fair share of challenges, but we also have an equal amount of beautiful blessings as well.

We welcomed a new addition to the Keaton Klan in 2011, Keiko, our beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback/Doberman mix. (below)

I don’t do “resolutions” for the New Year. My resolve is always the same, to evolve a little more into the person who God wants me to be every day.  -ck ╦╤─