2012 and beyond… 😎

A new year…a fresh start…a renewed optimism…a humble perspective…a neoteric online journal.

…through my eyes. will be a chronicling of my thoughts, musings, interests, and random “stuff” that I would like to share with the virtual world. If you are interested than, “Welcome to my world!” I welcome your replies as well. If not, than continue your browsing or searching and I wish you the best.

This year I will continue my short story writing and work on my second novel, a sequel to Ju’stice. I will also start painting again…mostly acrylics on various medium as the relentless artistic impulses flow through and course their way out of my being. Who knows I may even burst out into poetic verse from time to time.

My focus this year is on God and my family. We have our fair share of challenges, but we also have an equal amount of beautiful blessings as well.

We welcomed a new addition to the Keaton Klan in 2011, Keiko, our beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback/Doberman mix. (below)

I don’t do “resolutions” for the New Year. My resolve is always the same, to evolve a little more into the person who God wants me to be every day.  -ck ╦╤─

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