Into 2016… thoughts & prayers 🙏🤔

My heart is grieved at yet another senseless, tragic and horrific shooting! And not just a shooting, but a mass shooting, a horrific hate crime and to top it off, a sadistic act of terror! I had just decided to start blogging again after a few years and then this! And so close to home; my daughter was even at that Orlando club with some friends before!

Bono has a lyric; its so simple yet so powerful and if we could just internalize it for real… “transformational”! “There is no Them; there is only US!” It really is that simple yet that profound!

Ok, so I’m gonna get all philosophical now, so if you don’t like that then just stop reading right now!

Really! I mean it! 🤓

Jesus commanded us to love others as we love ourselves – the hardest commandment of all – but what if we could just see everyone else as ourselves and respect them that way; but I suppose that is too much to ask of this generation. So we are left with PRAYER! But prayer is so powerful, it is hardly something to just be left with. We can also lead by example. Love is so hard though, isn’t it? To truly love others REQUIRES much from our lives and is such an imposition – this is what  people think inside but never say. As humans we are responsible for our words, our actions and even our thoughts. What we do here on this Earth matters and has consequences – good or bad. But above all, we NEED to LOVE – if we don’t and don’t make some serious changes in our hearts and actions, then we (this generation) will have done our own end. But God, in His Infinate Mercy and Grace, has made every provision so that we would have no excuse except to just outright reject Him. God teaches us the meaning of TRUE LOVE and gives us the POWER to live it out. Love is the fulfillment of the law and it really IS what the world needs now… Perhaps more than ever. 💙💚💛💜❤️

I’ll conclude with a few crucial words to live by: humility, compassion, patience, kindness, thankfulness, forgiveness, and grace… in all things and with all people. Keep these always as your attitude and you can’t go wrong! Never esteem yourself above anyone else (no matter who that might be) and practice the art of a quiet and content spirit!

Ok, that’s my peace for now… later – CK! 🏹 cropped-screen-copy.jpg

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