Keaton Kronicles: Our Summer Road Trip to San Antonio, TX for Mikaela’s Air Force Graduation!

I created a video of our summer road trip to San Antonio, TX for Mikaela's Air Force Graduation and our time spent there. Check it out! Mikaela's Air Force Graduation

The Two Most Underdeveloped Muscles… the Heart and Will! ❤️💪🏼

So, we work out our bodies and our minds so that we look great physically and stay sharp mentally; but what about the other two, much more important muscles, the heart and the will? Oh, didn’t realize that these are muscles that have to be worked out in order to be optimal? Why is that …

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feeling that spring fever thing… 🦋🌼🐞

Its in the air. It invades my senses. It assaults my complacency, as it lifts my imaginings into some other higher sphere.  Its Spring Fever and it fills me to overflowing! 🦋 I really love the youthful exuberance of this season; everything feels new and the possibility of newness excites me. Intoxicating in a good …

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…strange similarities in self portraits 🎨🖌

While conducting research into the life of artist Vincent Van Gogh I surprisingly uncovered some eerie similarities between myself and the tortured genius. I'll list them: - we are both Dutch (although I am only partly Dutch) - we are both fascinated by and in love with Japanese art, culture & people - we both …

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The Inexhaustible Power of Humility! 🙏

Well, that may seem like an oxymoron! How can humility be powerful?  What is power? Is power in position? Is it in wealth? Is it in status? The ocean is powerful and I am humbled in its presence. This Bo (my stick) is powerful in the hands of a skilled martial artist; but even more …

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Into 2016… thoughts & prayers 🙏🤔

My heart is grieved at yet another senseless, tragic and horrific shooting! And not just a shooting, but a mass shooting, a horrific hate crime and to top it off, a sadistic act of terror! I had just decided to start blogging again after a few years and then this! And so close to home; …

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2012 and beyond… 😎

A new year...a fresh start...a renewed optimism...a humble perspective...a neoteric online journal. ...through my eyes. will be a chronicling of my thoughts, musings, interests, and random "stuff" that I would like to share with the virtual world. If you are interested than, "Welcome to my world!" I welcome your replies as well. If not, than …

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