feeling that spring fever thing…

spring 2017
Spring Fever

Its in the air. It invades my senses. It assaults my complacency, as it lifts my imaginings into some other higher sphere.  Its Spring Fever and it fills me to overflowing! 🦋

I really love the youthful exuberance of this season; everything feels new and the possibility of newness excites me. Intoxicating in a good way, you know? 😜

So it got me to thinking; I’d love to experience  synesthesia in some form or another at sometime in my life. I think it would be so cool to smell a symphony  or listen to the color purple or  glance at the aroma of fresh cut spring flowers ! This biological phenomena in which the senses get crossed fascinates me. I wonder if perhaps we could figure out a way to control our wirings and cross our senses at will! But that’s just how weird sci-fi writers think 💭 …plus, dat kush! 😉

I’ll leave you with the lyrics to my favorite Cat Stevens song, The Wind 💨 I don’t know why, just somehow felt right 😜 IMG_6158

– CK, love ❤️ til it hurts!

…strange similarities in self portraits

While conducting research into the life of artist Vincent Van Gogh I surprisingly uncovered some eerie similarities between myself and the tortured genius. I’ll list them:

– we are both Dutch (although I am only partly Dutch)
– we are both fascinated by and in love with Japanese art, culture & people
– we both love God and are burdened by social justice; especially justice for the poor
– we both have lived in poverty
– both highly emotional & intense
– never able to excel at or keep “regular jobs”
– only fulfilled by working at our art
– both described by others as being selfless, compassionate and idealistic
– favorite color – yellow
– hold a strong belief that the Bible should be taken literally and that most ordinary church practices are in error and contrary to the teachings of Jesus
– both determined to give happiness by creating beauty
– live sacrificially for God and others
– and very much like Van Gogh’s “post-impressionistic” works, my writing is not based on painting an accurate depiction of life for my readers, but rather my writing takes a much more philosophical and introspective approach…painting a storyline from my own perspective of how I view the world.

I sincerely hope the likenesses end there for this artistic genius was also emotionally disturbed and tormented for much of his adult life which ended in suicide.

It has been said that there cannot be great art without great suffering – I can attest to that…the greatest of all of course is Christ!

Van Gogh’s love and passion are best demonstrated in his art but also in the over 700 letters that he wrote to his beloved brother Theo. You can read them online, I highly recommend.