Justice Rants


Is Justice Color Blind?  3/28/2012

The only way to overcome EVIL is with GOOD! Not more EVIL!

Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord!

This whole media circus on the TM case is just making me sick! I come from a multi-racial family of black, white, red and yellow heritage! The only people responsible for making this tragic killing of a teenage boy about RACE are the media, social advocates and our government! Most young people in American do not SEE COLOR anymore! We are all mixed – most of us –  and this is just so out of proportion!

The media keeps playing it to make money – the social activists keep blowing it up to raise money and the only victims here are the two young men – the one who was shot and the one who did the shooting.

Why do we keep convicting people in the court of public opinion????????  Didn’t we learn anything from the Casey Anthony case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STOP the HATE on BOTH SIDES! Because all you have accomplished in all of this nonsense is to CREATE MORE HATE! And please stop the ignorance – THAT BOY WASN’T MURDERED BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK AND WORE A HOODIE – he was murdered because he was doing something suspicious and an over zealous want-to-be cop wanted to seek his own justice.

Justice is not being served by anyone in this case – not the media, not the activists, not the families and friends and supporters nor the mobs of people it draws.

Stop this and go home! Hug your children! Don’t let them out alone on the streets at night, no matter what color they are. Teach them right from wrong but most of all- LOVE them. And not by telling them that, but by being with them. Sticking with your difficult marriages, staying home and doing things with them. Giving them a safe environment to live in. Showing your love by example and sacrificing your good time for their well-being. And most of all teach them how to take responsibility for their actions and not go around blaming anyone else for what happens to them. Because if you want to really blame someone for this killing it would be GOD! Nothing happens that He does not allow! Now that is a hard pill to swallow but it is the TRUTH. We all need a good old fashion dose of humility – don’t everyone get PUFFED UP with all of this, we all need to humble ourselves and stay quiet and pray.

All of us need to pray for humility, forgiveness, patience, love for our enemies and to stop trying people in the court of our own filthy hearts! We are all GUILTY and deserving of death – it is only by the mercy of God Almighty that we can have forgiveness, grace and LOVE.

So if you really want to send a powerful and true message, it would be this – LOVE ONE ANOTHER – EVERY ONE ANOTHER! I know that Dr. King would definitely approved of that rally!


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