Ju’stice – Get your copy of my first published novel today! Preview – Read an excerpt from Ju’stice online!

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I have a few old blogs that you can check out:

My Glorious Selection of Beautiful Things  – a selection of all things I stumble upon that I think are beautiful.  Lazy Bonz Blog – my OLD, OLD, online writing journal/journey. Justice & Beauty – personal blog. And I also have one called, Love to the Xtreme – where I talk about how sacrificial & SELFLESS love needs to be in order to be real love.

Twitter – you can follow me on Twitter. YouTube – check out my YouTube, The Justice & Beauty Channel FaceBook – add me as a friend on FaceBook. Linked In – my public profile on Linked In.

goodreads – check out my books, written, read, reading and will be reading.

And these are really old, if they even exist anymore! 

Kissaki Beat – my online DJ hangout…u can listen to all the music I listen to. Hotel Moscow – my online private chatroom…if I’m online we can have some tea or Sake & chat! MySpace – this I share with my husband Michael. 90C030B3-59AC-4B94-8A23-36010F2AEE1F


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