My Writings

JU’STICE Philosophical Conclusions of a 21st Century Assassin

Authored by Christiaän Keaton
Ju’stice is a fast-paced, seductive, yet satirical journey that follows a highly skilled, incredibly beautiful and intelligent, genetically enhanced assassin on her quest to find meaning in life. The modish, beguiling style of the main character, Ju, which means “ten” in Japanese is quite unique. When she gets handed an assignment, a “hit” on a former mentor and friend, it takes her on a ride of both conscience and conflict. In her attempts to define justice, truth and beauty, Ju is forced to confront both inner demons of her past and outside villains that threaten her future and the future of those she cares for. There is a thick texture of
contemporary pop-culture woven into the most age-old struggles of Who am I? Why am I here? Is there meaning in life? Is there purpose to suffering? Filled with philosophical quotes, an eclectic assortment of weaponry, Ju’stice transports its readers to a not-so-far-away future where contrasting cultures, modern science and ancient faiths clash with personal conscience and political conflicts. Filled with tensions and dichotomies of all sorts, the inner struggles of the endearing characters are as rich, complex and titillating as their outer mêlées.

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